What's Shogi Wars?
Shogi Wars is an online Shogi match-up application for smartphones.
In addition to enclosures and collection of tactics, you have over 70 options of avatar.
  • Shogi WarsEnvironment
    [App Ver.]
    over Android 4.0 / over iPhone iOS 8
    [Browser Ver.]
    OS: Windows/MacOS/Android/iOS
    Browser: Chrome/Safari/Edge/Firefox (Latest version recommended)
You can enjoy 3 online match-ups a day with players worldwide.(Game limit of the day resets at around 3:00AM everyday)
  • Shogi WarsCalling Kishin
    Kishin is the God of Shogi, showing you 5 best moves automatically. Kishin will be used up regarless of the game result.
    Level of its skill is about the same as 2016Pona.
    If the game situation is too poor or considered too dependent, Kishin may not descend.
    * Kishin will not be consumed when it fails to descend.
  • Shogi WarsStatus during match-up
    Thinking…indicated when waiting for opponent's move
    Still thinking…indicated when waiting long for opponent's move
    Reconnecting…indicated when your connection environemnt is poor. If connection fails over 1 minute, you lose the game due to disconnection.
    Poor connection… indicated when your opponent's connection environment is poor.
  • Shogi Warsmatch-up rules
    In a 10MIN game, if you use up all your time, you lose the game.
    Shogi Wars adopts "King entering declaratory act rule"(an official rule used in amateur Shogi cotests).Declaration is made automatically.
    *Up to 30 September, 2014, Shogi Wars adopted "Try Rule".
    There is also "bullet" mode which allows 3 minutes per game or "10SEC" mode which allows 10 seconds per move.
  • Shogi WarsMatching system
    It will automatically pair you up with an opponent about the same level.
    You can also set up conditions of your opponent from My Page.
  • Shogi WarsRank (dan/kyu) system
    Your level goes up as your achievement rate reaches 100% !
  • Shogi WarsKishin Analysis
    "Kishin analysis" analyzes your game and tells you the transition of situations and the best move you should have selected.
My Page
You can check information such as game records and collection and also purchase items.
  • Shogi WarsEnclosures / tactics
    You can check your enclosures and tactics in the past. Aim for completion!
  • Shogi WarsRecord
    You can check your previous game records.
    To check your game records, click xx wins xx losses.
  • Shogi WarsSerial number
    Enter serial number here from magazines and etc.
Premium Member
  • Shogi WarsHow to become a member
    Purchase premium from "Wars Store" of My Page.
  • Shogi WarsWP (Wars Point)
    This is an in-app currency
    It is no longer on sale as of 30 September, 2014.
  • Shogi WarsAdvantage 1
    Game limit per day is removed to play unlimited games (including Doubutsu Shogi Wars)
  • Shogi WarsAdvantage 2
    During the premium period, number of avatars available will increase!
  • Shogi WarsCharging
    If the purchase procedure is cancelled, there may be a problem with carrier charge or cap on your credit card limit. Please check.
    For Android, it may take a while to charge. If you cannot receive points after a while, please contact support.
    Due to the charging system, please note that support cannot respond to any inquiries on refund.
  • Shogi WarsInvitation ID
    This is an ID for every user indicated on My Page. When you first register, enter ID and win a game, you will receive Kishin.
    *Invitation ID on iPhones has been abolished.
  • Shogi WarsPonanza
    Developed by Issei Yamamoto and Akira Shimoyama, originally developed by Issei Yamamoto.
    It is popular as the "Shogi computer program high in all time" that has also defeated professional Shogi players.
    It is also the one and the only program that has won both World Computer Shogi Championship and Shogi Denou Tournament.
    Name of the program comes from Bonanza used to refer to learning method assessment function.
  • Shogi WarsApery
    Developed by Takuya Hiraoka
    The computer Shogi program is released as an open source.
    It wins the 24th World Computer Shogi Championship in 2014 and takes part in the finals of Shogi Denou Tournament in 2015.
    Name of the program derives from "aping".
  • Shogi WarsTsutsukana
    Developed by Takanori Ichimaru
    It is gaining reputation as a computer program that makes human-like moves.
    It took part in the 2nd and 3rd Shogi Denou Tournament and also has experience of defeating professional Shogi player in the past.
  • Shogi WarsEvent / tournament
    It takes place on an irregular base. Prizes and privileges vary depending on each event・tournament.
  • Shogi WarsKishidan
    If you join a Kishidan, you can take part in Kishidan events with your pals. You can also interact with other members of your Kishidan on the bullitin board.
    You cannot leave Kishidan during the event period.
  • Shogi WarsI cannot register
    Make sure your account name, password and email address are all entered in English one byte characters. Two-byte characters and Japanese cannot be used.
    If you still have trouble, please contact support with your device model and account name you tried to create.
  • Shogi WarsWhat are the requirements to rise?
    Your ranking will go up as you win in the beginning, however after a while, your ability will be emphasized for evaluation. Your rank goes up when the "Achievement of your next rank" in My Page reaches 100%.
  • Shogi WarsDoes Shogi Wars have downgrade?
    Barely, but possible.
  • Shogi WarsI have more wins than losses but my achievement rate does not reach 100%.
    Achiement rate is highly influenced by the "strength of opponent" that can be set up from My Page. For instance, if the setting is "little weaker", you will play more against opponents with lower ranking. So even if you have more wins than losses, your achievement rate could drop. On the other hand, if your setting is "little stronger" or "a lot stronger" and keep 50% of winning rate, your achievement rate will drift upward.
  • Shogi WarsMy opponent's time is increasing…
    This happens while correcting communication delay as either you, your opponent, or both of your connection environment is poor. It is not due to cheating by your opponent. In fact, the same phenomenon is happening to your opponent's screen.
  • Shogi WarsMy opponent ran out of time but I still lost the game due to disconnection.
    This happens because in fact your connection got lost and your opponent's moves could not reach you from the server.
  • Shogi WarsSuddenly a piece that should not exist appeared on the board.
    This happens because in fact your connection got lost. Please confirm your connection.
  • Shogi WarsThe moves of Shogi pieces are awkward.
    The finger mark might be turned on (swipe mode) in the play mode (10MIN, 3MIN, 10SEC) selection screen.
    If you turn it off, you can play with the same operation method as before.
  • Shogi WarsCan I play with friends?
    Yes, please update the app to the newst version and follow the instructions below:
    1. You and your friend register each other as a friend.
    2. In the play mode selection screen, tap "Play with Friends".(The button turns yellow and the play mode switches to "Play with Friends")
    3. Your friend will also take the procedue above.(You are required to set up the same condition for 10MIN and 3MIN modes)
    4. You and your friend press the "play" button at the same time and wait.
  • Shogi WarsI lost the game and still got Kishin taken away.
    Since after 11 May, 2015, Kishin is consumed regardless of the game result. However, if Kishin gives up during the game or fails to descend, it will not be consumed.
    (If you run out of time and lose the game, Kishin will be consumed.)
  • Shogi WarsWould Kishin be consumed in "Play with Friends" mode?
    Yes, it will be consumed.
  • Shogi WarsWhen can we obtain Kishin?
    You receive Kishin every once in a while based on the number of games you have played.
  • Shogi WarsWill the opponent know if I use Kishin?
    No, your opponent will not know.
  • Shogi WarsI forgot my accound name and password.
    If you remember your registered email address, click the "forgot password" button and reset your password. If it still doesn't work, please contact support.
  • Shogi WarsHow can I resign Shogi Wars?
    Click the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the main page to open setting and choose "resign" at the bottom.
    You cannot resign while you are a premium member. Cancel premium membership from Google Play store and then resign Shogi Wars.
  • Shogi WarsCan I resign Shogi Wars and create a new account with the same name?
    No you cannot.
  • Shogi WarsDoes Shogi Wars have impasse?
    Yes, King entering declaratory act rule is adopted automatically.
    * "Try rule" had been applied up to 30 September, 2014. With this rule, the first player to get his/her king into the starting square of the opposing king wins.
  • Shogi WarsWhat is King entering declaratory act rule?
    You win the game if you declare and meet the following conditions.
    In Shogi Wars, declaration is made automatically.
    <1st Condition> Your king is within the 3rd row of your opponent's edge.
    <2nd Condition> You possess over 28 points if black and over 27 points if white (a major piece is worth 5 points and a minor piece worth 1 point). Pieces that count for points include the pieces in hand and your own pieces within the 3rd row of your opponent's edge excluding the king.
    <3rd Condition> You have over 10 pieces within the 3rd row of your opponent's edge excluding the king.
    <4th Condition> You have over a second of time left.
    <5th Condition> Your king is not in check.
  • Shogi WarsShogi Wars freezes.
    Please try to close some apps.
    You can close apps by:
    For Android: go to Menu => Setting => Application => hold down the running apps
    For iPhone: double click home button => hold down the running apps
  • Shogi WarsI cannot update or download the new version.
    For Android, try deleting the app cash of Google Play Store as follows:
    Menu => Setting => App => App management => choose app from GooglePlay Store => delete cash
  • Shogi WarsI cannot find invitation ID on my iPhone.
    We are sorry but invidation ID has been abolished on iPhone due to Apple's decision.
  • Shogi WarsCan I use my current account on a different device?
    Yes, data of your account is saved on the server. Please log in with the new device.
  • Shogi WarsThe enclosures and collection of tactics have turned black and white.
    If you lose the game, your enclosures and collection of tactics will become black and white. Once you win a game, they will be colored.
    *However, collection is not valid when playing with friends.
    This function has been added recently so previous game results all begin with black and white.
  • Shogi WarsIt feels like I always lose the initiative…
    In Shogi Wars, black and white are chosen randomly. In the long term, you will find that your black/white percentages will settle around 50%.
  • Shogi WarsI did not receive Smart Pass privilege.
    You can receive it once a month by activating the app (bottom left version _sp) from Smart Pass and visiting the main page twice.
    For instance, go to the main page and click Practice or Play => click cancel and then go back to the main page again and you will receive Smart Pass privilege.
    After version 4.6.5_sp, you will no longer need to open the main page twice but instead can wait for the Play button to become valid. You will then receive the Smart Pass privilege.
    You can receive privilege for 1 account per month. If you resign and create a new account, you are required to wait until next month to receive the privilege.
    You can enjoy unlimited games on the device you have contracted Smart Pass. Other devices such as PC will not be unlimited.
    Now, Smart Pass of iPhone version is only for web app, therefore is not valid for Shogi Wars. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Shogi WarsIt keeps searching for a friend and would not let me match-up with a player.
    Please remove Play with Friends mode.
    In the play mode selection screen, if the button under 10SEC mode is yellow, click it once to turn off Play with Friends mode.
  • Shogi WarsI cannot charge.
    If carrier charge、it is most likely the amount limit that is causing an issue. In that case, either wait until next month, raise the maximum limit or use another payment method such as credit card.
    PC version of Shogi Wars(//shogiwars.heroz.jp/s/) is payable with WebMoney.
    For Android, Google Play gift card, For iOS, usage of iTunes card are also possible.
  • Shogi WarsI charged but have not received the item. When I try to charge again, it says I have already purchased the item.
    Please activate Google Play Store app, go to menu in the upper left and restart Shogi Wars from My apps.
  • Shogi WarsI don’t know how to cancel premium.
    You can cancel here.
    (Open Google Play Store app, go to menu in the upper left => My apps => subscription tab => product)
    For more detailed description, click here.
  • Shogi WarsI cannot purchase premium.
    You can purchase premium by credit card or by carrier charge.
    You can purchase 1 premium from 1 google account.
    If you would like to purchase several premiums for a certain reason, log in from PC version to purchase or purchase Doubutsu Shogi Wars premium.
  • Shogi WarsI purchased premium via Google Play Store, but it doesn’t show on my account.
    It is possible that the premium is reflected to another Wars account. Please try to log in to other accounts you possess.
  • Shogi WarsOther questions
    Please contact support from setting => Inquiry about the product. We will get back to you during weekdays.